Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Booger Hollow

Booger Hollow, Arkansas
The name Booger Hollow originated with the belief that the area was haunted due to the numerous graveyards located there. (Booger as in like boogie or boogie man.) The town boasted a "population of 7 plus a coon dog."
Booger Hollow is found on highway 7, north of Russellville, AR.
Here you could find the ever popular tourist trap "Booger Hollow Trading Post" and the "Worlds Only Double Decker Outhouse."
(The lower level is practical, but the upper facility is perpetually closed "until we git the plummin' figgered out.")

The trading post consisted of a gift shop, a diner and photo-op Outhouse. The attraction didn't change for over 40 years and many families traveling through Arkansas on their way to Dogpatch or Silver Dollar City stopped at Booger Hollow. Signs counted the miles down toward Booger Hollow and as the traveler got closer I'm sure the kids were bouncing up and down in the back seat with excitement!

The Booger Hollow gift shop featured typical hillbilly themed knick-knacks as well as local goods like honey and lye soap. The diner offered silly menu items like the "boogerburger" and "boogerdog". I'm sure your crazy, back-seat jumpin, kid would love to brag to his friends that he ate a Boogerburger!

The original owners of Booger Hollow decided to sell in 2004 and the attraction has been abandoned ever since... It doesn't look like there are any plans to reopen anytime soon.
Possibly because a similar attraction called Chigger Hollow opened up further south on Hwy 7 in early 2007? It's been reported that all of the remenants of Booger Hollow are still sitting there along Hwy 7.

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