Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ozark Superstitions...

Here are some interesting homemaking/housewife superstitions I found in a book entitled: Ozark Superstitions, by Vance Randolph.

-When a woman drops a dishrag, she knows that someone dirty is coming to her door. If the cloth falls in a compact wad it will be a woman...if it falls flat and open, a man.
-To drop the towel used in drying dishes means a stranger will be arriving soon...drop it twice and the stranger will be hungry!
-If the housewife's nose itches it means that unexpected company is on its way.
-Some hillfolk say your visitor will be poor or needy and the old rhyme turns true about your unexpected visitor:

If your nose itches, If your nose itches,
Somebody is coming with a hole in their britches.

-An itching of the eye signifies bad luck.
-If your ears are burning someone is talking about you.
-If your left hand itches you will receive an unexpected present that day.
-If two persons use the same towel at the same time there is sure to be a quarrel or some other difficulty. The old adage:

Wash 'an dry together
Weep 'an cry together.

-To find a hairpin in your path means you will make a new friend.

and lastly:

-Never pick up a spoon you find lying in the road. Women who are unlucky in their household affairs will often throw a spoon out in the road hoping that some poor, unsuspecting passers-by will pick up the spoon and the bad luck will pass on to whoever picks it up!

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