Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to Echos of the Ozarks

For those who know me know that I was itching to write! I keep an awesome family blog but wanted to do something more, so, I decided to start this blog, called Echos of the Ozarks to write about my favorite things in and around the Springfield, Missouri area.

I plan to blog about history, restaurants, things to do, folklore and legends, ghost stories, Route 66, favorite memories and other things related to the Ozarks, Springfield, Branson and the surrounding areas. If you want to guest blog for me, just let me know!

In case you wanted to know, the photo on my header is a picture of John's Modern Cabins found on historic Route 66 near Stanton. Here are a few other pics I took that day. Not much left. It was a snoop at your own risk kind of place and I kept my distance but did manage to snap a couple of really good pictures.

Again, welcome to Echos from the Ozarks!

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  1. Cool pictures! We lived in Missouri - St. Louis to be exact, for about a year - before Krystin was born. I have quite a few memories of that part of the U.S., in fact. It'll be fun reading about it from a pro!