Thursday, September 3, 2009

Andy's Frozen Custard...

(From their website):
Andy's Frozen Custard began in Osage Beach, Missouri when John Kuntz and his wife Carol were looking for a change. John, who had sold everything from cars to real estate, took on the challenge of selling frozen custard. The venture has defined them as legendary Springfield, Missouri residents.

The first store at the lake took off like a rocket. Lines of people gathered to taste the incredible new treat. Inspired by their success at the lake, the family targeted Springfield for their next location and new home. With their first location on East Sunshine, they introduced supreme frozen custard to the city; a legacy was born.

John and Carol's son Andy worked long hours beside his high school sweetheart and soon-to-be wife Dana at the store on East Sunshine. Through hands-on work, Andy learned the business from the ground up, continually striving to expand and improve it.

With the opening of new locations and devoted new fans, Andy's Frozen Custard created quite the following, driven by a supreme product and unmatched customer service. At the heart of each Andy's is a fun work environment, where part time jobs for teens and full time positions for adults are valued equally, and all share in the fanaticism that brought Andy's to life.

Now, with three locations in Springfield and franchises in several states, these little shops offer customers near and far from its Osage Beach roots a slice of hometown Americana, where it's fun to be a kid for a while.

My personal favorite is the James Brownie Funky Jackhammer.... MMMMM!

You will see that frozen custard has become so popular in the Springfield area... They are NOT all the same... Like, Sandy's, Handy's, Candy's, etc.... But there is only ONE Andy's.

(Technically now there are several locations throughout the Ozarks)

Stop in and try them today! You will NOT be sorry.

Find a location here.

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